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Almas Restaurant and Lounge

A memorable entertainment

Almas restaurant lounge holds beds for 4, 8 and 12 people and totally has a capacity for entertaining 180 people in a peaceful setting and cosy space. A unique facility of this complex is the performance of daily live music. A variety of foods, beverages, ice-creams, desserts, tea and hookah are served in the complex.

Maral Hall of the complex holding a capacity for 350 people is ready to supply services in a very beautiful and cosy atmosphere with a beautiful perspective, serving a variety of Iranian and foreign foods and seafood having an experienced staff  from 6 a.m. until 23 p.m.

Almas entertainment hall holding a capacity for 600 people and a special and spectacular decoration and unique facilities in the west of country is ready to host all ceremonies in the best way. A unique facility of this hall is to provide droshky, special position, wedding room, table for serving special and different food and provision of cottage in Mishan plain for the purpose of entertainment of bride and groom, making memorable the wedding celebration.

Performance of daily live music
ceremonies hall with a capacity for 350 people
performance of wedding celebration with unique services
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