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Souvenirs Booth

A collection of booths for buying souvenirs and visits by guests and passengers

Hakim's green medicine booth has been noticed by traditional physicians since lone times ago in Hamadan and one of traditional medicine centers in Iran. The booth serves guests by providing a variety of herbal drugs and consultation.

Pickles booth with providing a variety of pickles and domestic oxalises of Hamadan

Leather booth, a variety of leather products holding different designs with best quality leather

Potteries and ceramics booth, supplying the most unique Lalejin pottery with artistic designs by the potteries workshop, facility for the production of pottery tools inside the booth.

Carving of decorative stones booth, supplying a variety of decorative and precious stones together with carving workshop, possibility of carving in the shortest time and several other booths like mosaics and wood, glass, Kohan Dyar store, traditional ice cream etc. which ready to serve.  

Supply of various exclusive souvenirs in Hamadan in a collection
observing the production process in a near distance
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