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Bungee Jumping

A safe jump from the sky\'s height

Make steely your self-confidence

Hamadan's bungee jumping is the highest bungee in Iran with a height of 42 m. and the 2nd 2-wing (jumping platform) in the Middle East. This bungee has the potential to hold competitions and has no limitation for the jumps of men and women. It should be mentioned that this structure has been designed for persons weighing 45-90 kilograms.

Raising the self-confidence, balance and control of mental and nervous movements, releasing a very high energy by the jumper, removal of the fear of height, sweet experience of flight and free downfall in a natural and exceptional space, regulation of cardiovascular system are among the characteristics of this exciting sport.

The highest platform of bungee jumping in the Middle East with a height of 42m.
the only 2 ways bungee jumping platform of the Middle East making possible the simultaneous jump of 2 people
raising the self confidence and control of mental and nervous movements
removal of the fear of height and regulation of cardiovascular system
available for men and women
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