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Amusement Park

Play and excitement

Entertainment and hobby in a happy and family setting

Amusement park of Ganjnameh recreational village brings about a happy and gladdening setting by the means of various and attractive devices and equipment for the families. The amusement park possesses 3-dimension full-option massager chairs which serves coffee while playing music. One of its exclusive features is to hold family massage rooms. Pounding machine (antenna-less): usable for the adults, 42 inches Kinect (x box) with ability to play without control. Balls pool: 25 sq. m. with over 5000 balls having a corridor-shape slide. Air Hockey: 2 tables with the installation of time-net including 2-person and 4-person tables. Professional table football with the installation of hand counter for the nationwide competitions. Trampoline: medium and big sizes usable for minors and adults. Wild cow: A 30 sq. m. enclosure with the installation of a standard wild cow applied in amusement parks. Water Pool: having 2 bubble ball usable for minors and adults. Virtual reality headsets are also among other devices installed in this amusement park.

The amusement park is also equipped with the first 5-dimension cinema in the west of the country. The cinema possesses 16 effects including: vibrate, vapor, smoke, thunder and lightning, wind (of 2 weak and strong kinds), water, movement of chairs in 6 directions and mice.

dimension full option massager 3 chairs
pounding antenna less machine
air hockey, table football, trampoline
first 5 dimension cinema in the west of country
virtual reality headset
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