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Cave Aquarium

A cave in depth of sea

Consolidation of 2 elements of rocks and mountains with depths of sea water

The project design was started in 2011 by a joint group of Iranian and foreign engineers and contractors aiming at the creation of a different setting and for the purpose of more attraction of tourists and preparing a place for research and promotion of the education level and by the consolidation of two different elements, rocks and mountains with depths of sea waters inspired by Alisadr cave.

Some technical particulars of this complex: an area over 800 sq. m. and a variable height of 2.5-15 m. The capacity is 75.000 liters in the main hall and it has 21 aquariums of salty and sweet waters having varying dimensions of 1x1 to 2x2. Possessing the aquarium for the preservation of eagle rays and starfishes also plant aquariums having 2x3 dimensions which is matchless. A complex of best rare environmental and animal samples in the 2nd floor of the cave.

The whole route to visit the cave includes three main halls with corridors having artificial fog and rain and related scents and it gives an entirely different atmosphere to the visitor without having knowledge of the next part.

The biggest lake aquarium in the country
the first lake of glass aquarium in the country with a capacity of 75.000 liters
creation of artificial fog and rain with fragrance within the complex
plant and paludarium aquariums with exclusive dimensions
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