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Rail Sleds

Speed and excitement in the mountains

Memorable and exciting moments in the heart of mountains

The fastest and longest rail sled throughout the country- speed control by the passenger-the sole rail sled throughout the country having double-loop through the whole route- enjoying a wide perspective in the mountains area

You will experience exciting and memorable moments in the longest, fastest and at the same time one of safest rail sleds in Iran. The 1150 m. route of the sled in the heart of Alvand's slopes will be attracting and exciting for any tourist among rocks and stones enjoying a perspective on Abbas Abad lush valleys by a 45 km/h speed. The latest and state-of-the-art technologies in the world have been used in the construction of this sled to provide an exciting experience which is safe at the same time

The fastest and longest rail sled throughout the country
speed control by the passenger
the sole rail sled throughout the country having double
loop through the whole route
enjoying a wide perspective in the mountains area
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