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Excitement in Altitude

A new experience of a virgin mountain

Ganjnameh cable car will supply you with the experience of an exciting trip in the heart of Alvand Mountains. Noting the high level of safety standards observed in this complex, you will experience this visionary trip by the safest cable car in Iran.

Ganjnameh cable car is an exclusive structure in the western part of the country having a 3360 m. line of departure and a minimum height of 1900 m. and a maximum height of 2800 m. above sea level; its construction process started by the German engineers in 2001 and actually came into operation in 2008. The cable car starts from Ganjnameh and ends in Mishan plain. The period of shuttle lasts 7-15 minutes which depends on the wind speed.

In case the wind speed exceeds 40 km/h, the passenger loading machine stops while alarming and if the passenger is present in the route, the shuttle period will last longer. The cable car has 18 piles the tallest among which is located in Kivarestan valley holding a height of 33 m. and the shortest one is the 18th and last pile holding a height of 4 m.

The sole cable car in Iran having two ascents and descents
enjoying high altitude in the middle part
enjoying a particular perspective within the entire route and destination station
the safest cable car in Iran due to the enjoyment of double
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