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Nader Flat

Sitting on the plain\\\'s width

Vast and virgin, covered with various plants

Takht-e Nader is one of vast and beautiful plains of Alvand Mountains in the route to the Alvand's peak. It has an area of 1.5 hectares, a mild slope and a mountainous   grassy coverage and is located at a 2900 m. elevation above the sea level. The plain has plenty of springs and is a suitable place for the mountaineers' rest and halting. Cause for naming of Takht-e Nader: Takht (bed), In the ancient culture of Alvand, means a flat land covered with grass and plants in the mountains and the plain has been called with that name since centuries ago.

A proper place for the mountaineers\\\' rest and halt
covered with plenty of grasslands springs
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