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Avicenna Mausoleum

A Brilliant Figure in the History of the World Civilization

A Great Master of Science and Philosophy

Shaikh-Al-Ra'is Avicenna monument or Avicenna monument is located in the middle of a square by the same name in Hamadan. An oval square holding aged plane trees, harmonious, beautiful building and a statue representing that square which has created a beautiful resort shining in the heart of this ancient city as a gemstone. Avicenna has been recognized as a genius of his age throughout the history; His learning of science, also his try and perseverance to discover different diseases and also trying to treat diseases has made a special and distinguished figure of him as a founder of the medicine. Each major city of the world is usually famous for the height of a monument building. Likewise, Hamadan is adorned and famous with the tower of Bu Ali Monument for almost fifty years.

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