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Hamadan is among the oldest cities of Iran. Medes chose Hamadan- which was then called Hegmataneh- as their capital, but the results of studies indicate that Hegmataneh city has existed before being elected as the capital by Medes and also a group of Kassites people lived there.

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Ganjnameh cable car will supply you with the experience of an exciting trip in the heart of Alvand Mountains. Noting the high level of safety standards observed in this complex, you will experience this visionary trip by the safest cable car in Iran.

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باشگاه مشتریان دهکده گنجنامه
همین حالا عضو شوید
ثبت نام
اطلاعات شما در سامانه دهکده گنجنامه محفوظ خواهد بود. با ثبت نام در باشگاه مشتریان گنجنامه از تخفیف ها و خدمات ویژه برخوردار خواهید شد.
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Mountainous villas
Amusement Park
Mishan Plain
Cave Aquarium
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Ganjnameh Tourist Resort Complex in Iran's Hamedan دهکده توریستی گنجنامه همدان
Ganjnameh Tourist Resort Complex in Iran's Hamedan